Our Service



Our services are provided throughout the project life cycle, from initial requirements definition, project planning, detailed design, systems implementation, quality assurance and validation.

IndustrialAutomation150x150 Industrial Automation
Our engineering team is constantly in the search of new solutions in order to unceasingly push back the limits of industrial automation. All new projects that are proposed to our clients are initially put to the test in our offices to make sure they answer the severe requirements of the industrial environment.
IIIT_150x150 Industrial Information Technology
Our experts in industrial IT will be able to analyze your needs in order to design and to implement the IT systems that you need to optimize your industrial process. From acquisition to production data analyses to archiving, industrial IT allows increased productivity and reduced production costs.
Mechanical_150x150 Mechanical Design
In order to offer complementary solution to our services in industrial automation, our engineering team will propose mechanical designs to bring your company to a superior level, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
SI_150X150 System Integration
We provide enterprise-wide control and information systems integration, with expertise in PLC/HMI based systems, Machine Vision, Machine Monitoring, Electrical Design, Server System Configuration, Data Collection and Reporting Applications.

Our Methodology

All of our projects follow a proven process to ensure they are completed on time, on budget and to customer expectations. Our project methodology is based on real-world experience and ensures open communication, so all those involved have an up-to-date understanding of each other’s expectations and responsibilities. Our methodology helps us complete projects faster, so you are up and running sooner and have less downtime during any upgrade.